We have the knowledge necessary to develop an e-commerce enabled site from start to finish. We are able to measure effectiveness and fine tune site components depending on certain reports. We can also focus on traffic analysis, load testing, customer searches, sales reports, and other useful information How can this help your business?

1. Attracting new customers: You can achieve this by offering a product or product-line that attracts potential customers at a competitive price, as in non-electronic commerce. The reach of internet is wide so you get a great exposure.

2. Providing value to your customers: Offering a responsive, user-friendly purchasing experience, just like a flesh-and-blood retailer, may help you immensely in achieving your goals.

3. Benefits of an attractive website: The tasteful use of color, graphics, animation, photographs, fonts, and white-space percentage may give your business a cut above the rest.

4. Sales promotion: This can involve coupons, special offers, and discounts. Cross-linked websites and advertising opportunities.

5. Providing personal attention: Personalized web sites, purchase suggestions, and personalized special offers may substitute for the face-to-face human interaction found at a traditional point of sale.

6. Enhanced Communication: Chat rooms, Discussion boards, soliciting customer input, loyalty schemes etc. can improve your communication with the clients immensely

7. A 360-degree view of the customer relationship: It is ensured that all employees, suppliers, and partners have a complete view, and the same view, of the customer.

8. Letting customers help themselves: Provision of a self-serve site, easy to use without assistance, can help in this respect.

9. Engineering an electronic value chain in which one focuses on a “limited” number of core competencies — the opposite of a one-stop shop.

10. Setting up an Organization of sufficient alertness and agility to respond quickly to any changes in the economic, social and physical environment of your business.

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